Tired of pulling out your hair, talking to a brick wall, or crying yourself to sleep at night worrying about your child's big, baffling behaviors?

Go from Tantrums to Talking in 4 Easy Steps

Learn how to help your child recognize, understand, and manage their emotions so that you can regulate them when the next meltdown occurs.

Does Your Child Struggle With...

  • Strong emotions such as anger when its time to transition away from video games?
  • Tantrums, excessive crying, and yelling when being told no or that they cannot do something?
  • Does this result in slamming doors, throwing objects, and possibly aggressive behaviors?

Do You Struggle With...

  •  Remaining calm in these situations, so much you feel guilty for needing a break from your child?

  • Sleepless nights worrying about the best way to help your child with these big, baffling behaviors?

  • Embarrassment as you are shopping in Target and your child is having a meltdown

  • Concerns about your job, because of all the calls you receive from your child’s school.
Learn How to Make Big Changes Stress-Free With Kim Feeney at Butterfly Beginnings Play Therapy in Davenport, Iowa

If you said yes to any of the above, then the "Tantrums to Talking" Webinar is for YOU!

In just 60 minutes, from the comfort of your sofa, I’ll share with you my 4 favorite strategies so that you can redirect your child before meltdowns occur. Get ready to unlock the potential to collaboratively problem solve with your child, to avoid embarrassing moments in public, and to increase calm in your family. Get instant access now and embark on this transformative journey!

Meet Kim, The Therapist Who's Going To Take You From Tantrums To Talking...

Kim Feeney, LISW, RPT-S, is a registered play therapist with ten years of experience. Having helped hundreds of parents manage emotions and behaviors in their children, she knows that the quickest way to change a child’s behaviors is to have active, supportive parents or caregivers.

Butterfly Beginnings Play Therapy in Davenport, Iowa Kim Feeney Holds Toy
Kim Feeney, LISW, RPT-S

Still Unsure? Read this client story from Kim...

I recall a three-year-old kid named Jack. His parents came to me feeling completely out of options. Jack had been kicked out of 2 preschools and was teetering on the edge of a third. Jack would have tantrums at school, hitting and kicking his teachers and peers.

At home, things were not much better. He hated not getting his way and would scream and name call, especially towards his mom.

After teaching his parents how to use the same strategies that I’ll cover in this webinar, strong emotions in the home began to subside. Jack learned regulation techniques he then could use in the school environment.

Within a few weeks of his parents implementing the 4 strategies of “Tantrums to Talking”, the anger, aggression, high-pitched screams, and crying in the home began to subside. Jack learned breathing, physical exercises, and communication techniques he could use in the classroom to calm down and focus. 

I remember mom telling me after one of our sessions, “I feel like I can reconnect to Jack. We are able to play games at home without meltdowns. He is enjoying school and making friends.”

This Program Is For You If You Have EVER...


Lost, worried, or ashamed of your child’s behaviors.


Asking your child to do something and they did it without a fuss the first time.


That your child would be labeled the “bad kid.”

Take a minute to imagine how good it will feel when your child communicates with you about their feelings so that you can problem-solve a solution together.

  • Say goodbye to tantrums and meltdowns
  • Foster open and effective communication with your child
  • Create a harmonious home environment
  • Build a stronger bond with your child based on trust and understanding
  • Watch your child’s confidence and self-expression soar
  • Experience the joy of a happier, more fulfilled parent-child relationship
  • Gain valuable insights and strategies to navigate parenting challenges
  • Create a lifetime of connection and mutual respect with your child

This isn’t a fantasy I’m talking about- this could actually be YOUR family!

“We were looking for something more in depth. Diving deep into a Very specific subjects- we wanted to be able to help our kiddos so much. As parents we responded well to ways we can learn more about our children.”
- Parent of a former client
Age 8
“Your emotional regulation tips helped me to help my daughter the other day.“
- Parent of a former client
Age 4

I want you to have the tools you need to help your child with their emotional skills so that you can make life a lot easier and more enjoyable for you and your kids.

A one-hour session with a play therapist normally costs $150 , but because your success is my main concern, this “at your own pace” webinar is only a one-time charge of $25.


Email Kim at kim@butterflybeginningscounseling.com