Summer Activities for Families to Connect

This summer may feel like an unusual one because children have been out of school
due to the COVID19 pandemic since March! So much together time at home may lead
to summer-time being just another stretch of time but it’s still the season that brings
warmer temps and nicer weather! It’s still such a great time of year to make use of the
season to connect as a family.

When the temps are not too high, getting outdoors into Nature is a wonderful way to
come together through fun outside activities. When the summer days get TOO hot,
there are lots of ways to stay cool and enjoy your time together too!

Connecting and attuning is the foundation of a healthy family dynamic. Here are some
creative ways you can make the most of the summer-time in order to bond and enrich
your connections with your children.

Ideas for Summer Activities for Families to Connect

  1. Summer brunching at home. After a nice sleep-in it can be fun to gather
    in the kitchen and prepare brunch together as a family. Be sure to give your
    children age-appropriate jobs so they are set up for success and are contributing
    to the family brunch-making effort. Put on some relaxing but upbeat music, get
    out the toaster, the eggs and whip up a wonderful mid-morning meal together.
  2. Create a caterpillar house. Using a shoe box or a mason jar, you can
    create a natural habitat including sticks, leaves and moss and collect some
    caterpillars and keep them as pets for a few days before releasing them back into
    the wild.
  3. Hopscotch, Spud and Jump rope. Introduce your children to some of
    the old-school games we played as children! Bring out a ball, a jump rope and
    some sidewalk chalk and start some new summer traditions that will be a sure
    way to help your family playfully connect.
  4. Play in the sprinkler. Set up the lawn sprinkler and get on your swim
    suits! Splashing and squealing as the aim of the waters moves around will
    ensure family fun.
  5. Go for bike rides. Even if your child is young, you can hitch up a ride-
    along wagon to be pulled behind your bike or you can get out the trikes and
    training wheels and ride around an empty parking lot together.
  6. Summer suppers al fresco. Wonderful memories can be made by
    observing rituals ties to various seasons and with summer weather taking
    evening meals outside can be a fun and memorable experience for families.
  7. Blow dandelions and hunt for four leaf clovers. Time spent in Nature can be
    an optimal time for simple but memorable family fun. Invite your child to make a
    wish as you blow the dandelion seeds far and wide and challenge one another to
    see who might find a four leaf clover!

Children definitely thrive when they have routine but the summer can be a time to
stretch those standard rules. You might stay up a little later to do some star gazing or
catch fireflies. You might sleep in a little longer. It’s okay during the summer to shake up
the regular schedule. Having intentional summer activities that allow your family to
make new memories, observe new rituals and enjoy time together helps with family

If your child and family are struggling with behavioral concerns or if you find it difficult to implement fun time together, you might consider setting up a consultation with me so I can support you, your family and child. Contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss what
services I offer may be the best fit for your family.

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  1. This is a timely topic and you have offered good suggestions for using family time outdoors. Your writing style is warm, accessible and welcoming. Best of luck!

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