The Crucial C’s Every Child Needs

There are certain attributes children need to thrive and be successful. Some, such as the Crucial C’s, help kiddos to feel emotionally prepared for life’s challenges. What are the Crucial C’s and why are they important?

The willingness to take risks, knowing they might not succeed. Does your child allow fear to stop them from trying new things?

Kids with high levels of courage:

  • Attempt challenging tasks
  • Feel hopeful
  • Don’t give-up easily

The need to have relationships with others. Does your child have meaningful interactions with others?

Children high in connect:

  • Feel secure
  • Willing to cooperate
  • Able to form friendships
  • Believe they belong.

A feeling of competency or expertise. Does your child feel like a master at something?

A child high in capable:

  • Develop self-control and self-discipline
  • Willing to be accountable for their actions
  • Believe they can achieve what they set their minds to

To believe they make a difference in the world and contribute to those around them. Do they feel valued by others?

Children high in count:

  • Feel appreciated
  • Feel significant
  • Have high self-esteem

Small, daily acts can continue to positively foster the Crucial C’s in your child. Thus, preparing them to grow-up and bless the world with their many achievements. If you feel your child struggles in one or more of these areas feel free to CONTACT me to discuss ways I can help.

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